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Web site are one of the most important tools for identifying businesses and services around the world

Web Sitelerinin Önemi
Posted : 2017-12-28   /   by admin   /   Comments (2)



Today, everyone knows the importance of having a good website, if you are the business owner or the seller of a product or service, you need to understand the good website more than others. In this case, you must introduce your products and services to more audiences, which means more success because you are not the only provider of product or service !!!
With the advancement of technology and facilities in recent years, competition has been even more than ever since all service providers are constantly looking for their rivals and are looking for new ways to attract their audience. There are many tools for your success. Powerful social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, Imo, etc., will help you to transfer your thoughts and ideas to others, regardless of time and space.

Let's examine the topic of business and attract the audience deeper.


In order to be able to provide your product or service, you must disclose your service and product indicators to your contacts. Remember that this is not enough because buyers, in addition to the quality of goods and services, are looking for sufficient information from the service provider to ensure that they spend their money where and with what conditions.


Use social networks


نقش شبکه های اجتماعی در تبلیغات

Using social networks, you can have a great impact on the audience, because these networks allow you to explain the services and goods in text, media, video and more. The point here is that none of these networks are exclusive and may create a lot of restrictions for you. Using social networks alone is such that you can always set up your business appointments at your friends' company and there are no fixed offices or locations for your business. How much do you trust in this business?




نقش پیام رسانها در تبلیغاتOn the other hand, messengers such as Telegram and whatsapp enable the exchange of information between the contacts, and whenever one of these apps is born in the digital world, it creates a lot of feelings based on your geographic location and your country, and it may be a rapid growth Have. Honestly, many of these apps have helped the digital business, but do you, as a service provider or merchant, refuse to mention your name on the business card? Obviously, the answer to this question is also negative because the audience's trust level is one of the main reasons for your success in your business.
To get the most out of the audiences, you need to combine all the tools. It's best to use all social networks and tools like the messenger to invite your audiences to visit a website that belongs to you and give you the freedom to introduce yourself and your abilities in the best way.

Website Benefits at a Simple Look

مزایای وب سایت چیست؟A website at a glance is a dedicated space that is accessible to anyone at anytime from anywhere, and therefore anyone in the world, whenever you are looking for a service that you offer it, can be Find you and can be comparing you service with others. This will be the starting point for your success, because you will be able to display your features in a competitive environment. Note that having a website is your starting point and you should be able to showcase your power and domination in relation to what you are doing. In addition, good design of your website can change the audience to the buyer, which ultimately leads to sales and monetization. Imagine your website has the ability to provide services and receive online money. This will mean ending the deal and your victory over the rival. With increasing Internet penetration, someone who provides the right information to their audience will be more successful and if your site is an interactive site, it will lead to conversation and sense of closeness in the audience and ultimately reinforces trust.
With a brief overview in this text, the importance of having a good website is fully felt, no matter that you are a businessman or an artist or a job seeker. How do you think?

If you are a businessman or offer a service or product, or even if you are an artist or want to see your resume by someone who needs your expertise, i suggest for you have a good website with all the digital capabilities to communicate. I suggest that the your attractive sections reflect on social networks, but put more content on your own or website or your company and encourage your audience to visit your website because you can get all of the individual features Categorize and display it as an issue for visitors.

To summarize, if we want to highlight the importance of a website, the following may be the most important ones:

The website will increase your credit.
Because the transfer and presentation of your right and proper information represents your personality and professionalism.
Availability feature.
Do not forget that you are always available with a website, even when you are asleep or traveling. In fact, you have access to all of the world's services in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and have given them the chance to others can be find you, get to know your services and get in touch with you.
A good website makes it easy to send new customers to your company, organization or office.
The website is a strong sales tool that generates revenue for you at any time from anywhere.
The website will increase the value of your ads.
Adding website URLs to ads, business cards, letterheads and signatures is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your company or business.
The website is the best way to communicate with potential customers.

A good website is a turning point in introducing you and attracting an audience that no other tool can replace it.


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  • 13/01/2018 Alex

    توضیحات کامل و بسیار خوبی بود. نقش شبکه های اجتماعی در انتقال مطالب و جذب مخاطب غیر قابل چشم پوشی هست و اینکه میتونه چقدر در معرفی کسب و کار بویژه کسب و کار الکترونیکی مفید باشه رو فهمیدم. البته با نظر شما هم موافق هستم. داشتن یک وبسایت خوب و قوی میتونه نقطه اوج موفقیت باشه مخصوصا اینکه وب سایت چابک و چند زبانه هم داشته باشی که همه مسائل seo توش رعایت بشه. به شرکت داده ورزان کاسپین تبریک میگم وب سایت شما رو بررسی کردم خیلی خوب طراحی شده و کاملا مطمئن هست.

  • 06/02/2018 Ali

    با دقت ساختار #وب_سایت شما رو کنترل کردم خوب طراحی شده و #طراحی_وب_سایت اهمیت زیادی در #موفقیت کسب و کار داره. خواستم ضمن تشکر از #شرکت_داده_ورزان_کاسپین چند مورد رو هم هشتک کنم و تشکر کنم از زحمات شما. اگه تصمیم به تهیه وبسایت داشته باشم قطعا شما تو لیست تماسهای من خواهید بود. اطلاعات مفیدی بود و صادقانه مطرح شده بود