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About Us


Introduction :

DVCCO was registered as a knowledge-based company in 2012 and is active in the field of public and general software development services as well as in the field of computer networks in its services in technology, IT, and ICT. passive sections (physical installation) and active (computer network management) as well as in the field of network security and electronic data are the specialties of the company. The company is in charge of implementing several software titles on the domestic markets of Iran, which has been licensed by the Supreme Council of Information. In the field of software, several specialized software titles are included in the company's product portfolio and activities. DVCCO has succeeded in implementing small and medium-sized network projects with the sustainability of its customers' networks.

The specialized fields of activity of DVCCO Company are as follows:

  • Production and development of Windows software and web software
  • Design, architecture, consulting and implementation of computer networks
  • Provide computer peripherals
  • Architecture and implementation of network security solutions
  • Design and implementation of security systems such as CCTV cameras and fire alarm systems