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  • web programlama - Web sitelerini ve Windows tabanlı programları programlama ve geliştirme
  • bilgisayar ağı - Pasif ve aktif bilgisayar ağları tasarımcısı ve uygulaması
  • Endüstriyel Kontrol - Endüstriyel cihaz Kontrol programlama ve ERP
  • 01

    Web Programming

    Programming and developing websites and Windows based programs .

  • 02

    Computer Networks

    Designer and implementer of passive and active computer networks .

  • 03

    Industrial Control

    Industrial device Control programming and ERP .

Web development, e-commerce and online business

Mission of DVCCO Company

DVCCO company has always provided enough services. DVCCO Corporation provides software services for Windows App and the Web Programs, provides inactive and active services, as well as providing services and computer network security to its customers. Currently, in addition to operating in Iran, the company is active in Turkey and has established bilateral relations with the technology of information and communication technologies and advanced technologies between the two countries.

What service do you offer?

Design and production of support for Windows and Web applications (Windows program, Web application). Consultation and architecture of computer systems, including software and hardware, the implementation of a variety of computer networks of companies and service centers, supply, maintenance and development of equipment in networks, implementation of security systems, including CCTV cameras and signaling systems Fire, the export of network cables and switches and routers and other equipment from Turkey to Iran and the maintenance of computer and hardware systems for repairing and equipping one of the activities of the Caspian data company in Turkey and Iran. Currently, one of the most popular and popular software produced by the company in Iran, software for printing and checking bank accounts brand and trade secretary, as well as portal 3 tabs produced by the company in Turkey, Iran's growth has attracted the attention of traders and companies that offer international services.

responsive web programming and web design
Installing and configuring computer networks
Security systems and CCTV cameras
Hitech Technologies - Hitech